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Our mission is to invest in companies that are outstanding in their field.

Odyssey 44 is a family office and was founded in 2014 in Prague. It manages the wealth of the Kúšik family. Its founder, Martin Kúšik, has been active in the investment business for almost 20 years as a partner of Penta Investments. The primary objective of Odyssey 44 is to invest into exceptional businesses which consistently create value for their customers and employees. We are convinced that by exceeding their expectations, long term value growth will follow.

Our Investment Profile

We are looking for investments that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have long term revenue growth potential
  • Have strong committed management that genuinely cares about its customers, employees and is dedicated to developing the business
  • Have a business model which is hardly imitable by competitors (competitive advantage) and is able to further deepen this advantage

We invest into businesses with the intention of holding them forever. We are not focused on any particular industrial sector but want to geographically concentrate on the Czech and Slovak republics. The minimum investment size we will consider is €20 million equity. We do not invest into start-ups.

Value Investing Internship

Why should you join us?

You will gain a real investment experience by combining your academic knowledge with our hands‑on investment practices in family‑office inspired by Value Investing and Warren Buffett himself.
You will get a comprehensive framework of how to identify and find outstanding businesses, help the investment team in daily execution tasks, and build your knowledge of best value investing know-how out there.
Remuneration covering your costs.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally 3rd year of college or above, whereby financial accounting and corporate finance knowledge is a must.

What should you do for it?

Prepare a case study, in which you will choose a private or public company, which is (based on your rigorous analysis) appropriate investment opportunity to submit to Investment Committee of Odyssey 44 (the case study have to fullfill our investment profile).

You will ideally find and analyze:

  • local company with global ambition
  • rather growth story than cash cow (defensive asset)
  • strong historic financial track-record
  • out-side of technology and heavy industry (CapEx) segment
  • Equity Value in the range of EUR 20-100 mio
The ultimate goal of your case study is to find and analyze a great company and explain why it is a great company. You want the core of your case study is explanation “why”, while the potential valuation is secondary. Your case study should be no more than 5 word pages.
Beside that you will send your resume and cover letter, in which you will explain why you are the right and only one to get the internship chance.

... and when?

Submit your full package (i.e. case study, resume, cover letter) by 10th June 2018.
Personal presentation of your investment opportunity will take place in June 2018.
Assumed internship should be June ‑ September 2018, everything else depends on discussion.

Are you ready?

Every candidate willing to submit her/his application can contact us at for further guidance regarding the investment analysis.


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